V-Bharre Ranch

Contact: Brad Draughona
Phone: 254 978 2688 Website: www.huntingTexasTrophies.com

"All Inclusive Hunts" No lodge fee, No guide fee, No trophy fees!

An exotic Texas-style hunting adventure is right outside our ranch front door
Exotics, Elk, Stag and Buffalo Hunting Packages
• 3 days and 2 nights
• Lodging
• Meals and beverages (including evening bar)
• 1 on 1 guide
• Airport transportation
• Full trophy care (field dressing, caping, quartering trophy for transportation)
• Varmint hunting
• Trophy fishing
• Complimentary gun and bow range
• Exotic hunting package requires a $500 deposit
• Deposits are refundable


Whitetail Deer Hunting Packages
• 4 days and 3 nights
• Lodging
• Meals and beverages (including evening bar)
• 1 on 1 guide
• Airport transportation
• Full trophy care (field dressing, caping, quartering of trophy for transport)
• Varmint hunting
• Trophy fishing
• Complimentary gun and bow range
• Whitetail hunts require a $1,500 deposit
• Deposits are refundable



After a full day of hunting, your next target is to find a place to eat and relax. When you come to V-Bharre Ranch Lodge you will become a part of the history of this 4,500 square foot 1955 Spanish-styled hacienda.

Not to big, not to small…..just right! Click to view more photos of  our V-Bharre hunting lodge.

On those cold, rainy days, you can sit, talk, drink or read by one of our four fireplaces. We also boast one of the largest outdoor fireplaces in Texas, constructed with over 40,000 pounds of native stone. It’s a great place to sit in the evening, enjoy a Texas sunset, and exchange the day’s tales of hunting.

We hate to brag, but we can’t help it. Our Texas hunting lodge has a wonderful dining room that caters to big appetites. Naturally, we provide the best Texas-sized meals you’ll ever have the pleasure of eating. We guarantee you’ll rave about our food.

Our Texas hunting lodge has several porches overlooking the wildlife and the beautiful Texas hill country. Before or after dinner, you might want to sit outside with a drink from our terrific bar.

When you’re ready to go inside, you can watch whatever you want on our big screen T.V.’s, or have a blast in our entertaining game room.

No matter if you’re coming to our Texas hunting lodge for a day of photography, or to hunt a buffalo, whitetail, or one of our other trophy animals, you’re sure to enjoy a wonderful stay at our place.

All hunters receive complimentary lodging.

Non-hunters pay only $150 per day.

Please contact us for availability or more information.
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Game Processing

Once you have harvested your trophy animal, you won’t have to wonder where you are going to have it processed. If you want to do it yourself, that’s fine, but if you don’t, we can do all the game processing you need, Texas style. Our processing facility has four winches, fully concreted with drains. We have commercial grade processing equipment and a full walk-in cooler to store your game. We can ship your game right to you.

When it comes to game processing, V-BHARRE Ranch offers some of the best in Texas.

Game Processing Prices
• Field dressing* – complimentary
• Preparing Trophy for Taxidermist –  complimentary
• Quartering Trophy, Ice, and preparation for transport –  complimentary
*For all you new hunters who may not know what field dressing is, it is the quick processing of meat to insure that the meat doesn’t go bad. By removing the animal’s innards, usually in the field, and then refrigerating it, the quality and safety of the meat is assured.

Full processing includes – cut steaks, grind, and vacuum seal
• Buffalo, Zebra, Eland, Nilgai: – $500.00
• Elk, Stag, Gemsbok, Oryx, Addax: – $300.00
• Deer, Axis, Fallow, Blackbuck, Sheep, Sika: – $150.00

Additional services
Boy, howdy, we process some of the most delicious summer sausage, link sausage, and jerky you’ll ever have the pleasure of eating.
• Jerky: – $20.00 per pound:  (dry weight)
• Award-winning Breakfast Sausage:  $2.00 per pound
• Award-winning Link Sausage (1/2 game, 1/2 pork):  $2.50 per pound
• Award-winning Summer Sausage:  $5.00 round chub
• Jalapeno and Cheese Summer Sausage:  $7.00 round chub


August 16, 2010 at 10:36 pm
Kelly Smith says:
I went on a Fallow hunt and must say that I was truly impressed from start to finish. Mike, Brad and His Family were fantastic and made me feel right at home as soon as I walked through the door. The accommodations, food and meat processing facility were top of the line. This is not a canned hunt by any stretch of the imagination; the animals are wary and will test your resolve and patience. I can’t say enough about my guide, Brads knowledge about the game and their habits, uncanny ability to spot animals in some very thick cover, his unrelenting hard work and willingness to do whatever it took to ensure my hunt was successful was unparallel. During my hunt the heat index was a balmy 106-112 degrees which would normally be a show stopper but because of Brad’s ingenuity of placing a cooler of ice with a battery powered fan on top, our blind stayed at a comfortable level. Everyone took the extra steps to ensure I had a successful and memorable hunt which resulted in me harvesting two exceptional Fallow bucks, one having a 35” spread and the other having 6” palms and mass throughout his rack. You cannot go wrong by booking a hunt with the V-Bharre Ranch. I will be coming back for all my exotic hunts as they have exceptional trophies for all the species they have listed.
Kelly Smith
San Antonio, Texas

August 12, 2010 at 2:02 am
Charles Hanger says:
First class all the way. Do not hesitate….Book today you will be glad you did. Hurry because I’m booking again and again….

July 21, 2010 at 12:43 am
Shelby Akers says:
I hunted V-BHARRE Ranch in June and to say that my experience was fantastic would be the understatement of the year! Everything from the airport pick up to the airport drop off was much, much more than I had expected. All of the staff at the ranch was some of the finest people I have ever met and they certainly made me feel right at home!
There is no way words can explain how fine the food was as I can honestly say, it was some of the best I have ever eaten! I will also add the lodging could not have been any better. The hunt produced some beautiful trophies including an unofficial world record Scimitar Horned Oryx. I have hunted many, many places including Africa and the V-BHARRE Ranch is now one of my favorite hunting destinations, a ranch that will be at the top of my list to visit for some of the finest Exotic hunting you will find anywhere on the planet! May I close by saying thanks to everyone at the ranch for such a fantastic experience and if you haven’t contacted Keith yet to book your hunt, what are you waitin’ for? He’s a “pretty good ole boy” and did I mention the huntin’ is pretty good to? Can’t wait to hunt with them again.
Shelby Akers
West Virginia

July 18, 2010 at 12:24 am
Matt Shelton says:
The V-Bharre ranch experience was everything I imagined and then some. I recently began hunting exotics and was not sure what to expect. Form the minute we arrived Keith, Brad, and Buster made us feel at home. The ranch consisted of many exotics, but it did not stop there. The V-Bharre is loaded with TROPHY exotics. What stood out to me when comparing this ranch to others I have been was the true trophy exotic opportunities. I killed a trophy mouflon, addix, and an exceptional blackbuck. The food and accomodations were also top notch. This has been a 5 star weekend and I look forward to many more. Way too many trophies…Way too little time!!!
Looking forward to my next visit…
Thanks again,
Matt Shelton
Burleson, TX